For dogs of all breeds, toys are not "extras", they are essentials. Chewing on toys allows dogs to relieve stress and boredom. Dogs who are not given their own toys to chew on will usually appropriate something of yours (and it probably will cost more than a whole BUNCH of dog toys), so save yourself a headache, and your $110 Nike sneakers, and get your dog some toys. Which toys should you get for a pit bull? Well, let's face it. Our pups tend to "kill" toys much faster than most breeds. They are strong dogs that require strong toys. Below is a list of several kinds of dog toys and a few edible chews below with my personal experiences with them.

1. Kong toys - In my opinion, these are the best toys on the market for Pit Bulls. A few Pits will rip themKong apart, but most just love them. I get the black ones in the XL size. Kongs can be stuffed with peanut butter or treats and a stuffed Kong will often keep a Pit occupied for at least 2 hours. Be sure to get a real Kong, not a Rhino toy (which looks like a Kong). The Rhino is softer rubber and Nala chewed it to bits in about an hour.



2. Rope tugs/toys/dental ropes - These are good toys, although some are expensive. The dental ropes can be had at Wal-Mart for about $5.00 and help "floss" the teeth. You will, however, have little bits of rope all over the house. Should only be allowed under supervision.


3. Balls - My favorite kind of balls are the hard plastic ones called "Best Ball" or "Boomer Ball". Do not let your Pit chew on them, however, as they can wear or damage a dog's teeth if gnawed on. Most Pits will deflate soccer and basket balls, so get these at thrift stores. Tennis balls, even the large ones made for dogs don't stand a chance with an adult Pit Bull.


4. Nylabone Dental Chews - Another good toy for Pits. Just be sure they are not Gumabones (too soft) unless you have a young puppy. I get the largest sizes of most of their dental chews occasionally.

Pit with Ball


5. Galileo Bone - One of the strongest dog toys made. I recommend this one, that is, if you can get over the shape........

6. Rawhide - This is one thing my dogs are NOT allowed to have. If a chunk of rawhide is torn off and swallowed, it will not digest and can block a dog's intestines. My dogs are allowed to have the chopped rawhide sticks, and only occasionally since rawhide isn't really that good for them. It's also an important trigger for conflicts.

7. Bully sticks - This is a smoked, dried bull's penis (really, I swear!). Since Bully sticks are muscle, they do digest and will not break off in chunks like rawhide. My dogs love these things. They are a little pricey, but can be gotten for a decent price at dog shows or pet expos. Always supervise the dogs if you give these treats to a Pit in a multiple dog household.

8. Ligament chews - These are also OK for Pits to have, but they are crunchy and will not last as long as a Bully Stick. Again, could cause conflicts.

9. Real Bones - Raw bones are OK for dogs to have, I try to get beef knuckles. However, in multi-dog households, these bones can also lead to fights, so be vigilant. I VERY occasionally give the sterilized filled bones from the pet store (if they have very thick, large ones), but these are somewhat brittle and can splinter, so I always supervise with those.

NEVER give a dog cooked chicken or other small cooked bones, as cooked bones can shatter into sharp shards and perforate various organs inside the dog, requiring immediate surgery. It is actually best to avoid cooked bones altogether, stick with the raw ones.


Tug Rope


Found at and written by Susan Thompson