Bully Paws Closing Announcement

Dear Bully Paws Friends, and Supporters,

Bully Paws Pit Bull Patriots Inc., as a rescue, will officially be closing on October 22, 2020. If after that date you need assistance with a Bully Paws dog, the fastest way to contact someone for help is by email at bullypawsrescue@gmail.com. If it is an emergency or if you are a shelter who has a Bully Paws dog, please call (910) 557-2025 and leave a message. Your call will be returned within 24-48 hours. 

It is with an enormous amount of sadness that we share the news that, after over 15 years of advocating for the dogs we love we must close.

Unfortunately, our insurance costs have risen dramatically over the last year and have become too high for us to afford as a non-profit organization. Additionally, the limitations that have been placed on us by our insurance carrier applying to adoption events and other activities that are necessary to function well as a rescue organization have created a situation in which we are not able to continue operating effectively in a way that supports the core mission of our rescue – saving lives and placing dogs in loving forever homes.

Bully Paws has spent the last 15 years tirelessly forging the way for pit bull rescues all across this area and advocating fiercely for a group of very special dogs that we all know and love. We couldn’t have done any of the work that we’ve done without all of YOU – our Family of Pit Bull Patriots.

We want you to know that this Family doesn’t dissolve with the rescue. Our Board of Directors and our Senior Volunteer Staff will always be ready and eager to assist with any of our alumni needs. We made a commitment to every dog we pulled into this rescue and our leadership stands by that commitment 100%.