Sam's Sponsorship Page

Fantastic Sam is a very sweet and gentle old man looking for a home where he can enjoy his golden years giving and receiving love like crazy. If you are retired, Sam would love to spend those golden retirement years with you!
His favorite activities include napping in the sun on the deck and getting attention from his people. His foster mom reports he is a major snuggle bug!
If he isn’t getting the attention he believes is necessary, he will “tell you about it” by vocalizing his displeasure!
Sam gets along with other dogs and enjoys the company of his foster siblings. Sam will be happiest in a home with another doggie companion.
Sam has be crated when left alone and he requires a cargo type crate.
He is potty trained and knows basic commands.
He is a truly wonderful companion. It takes time to get this sweet and his sugared face shows all the experience he has at being the goodest boy!
If Sam has won your heart, submit an application to adopt him today!

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