Patch's Sponsorship Page

Patch is a very loving little girl, and she soaks up affection from her humans. She likes nothing better than sitting on the couch with you while you scratch her behind her cute little ears! Patch is considered a "pocket pittie," weighing in at just 40 pounds.

Patch absolutely loves toys, bones, and tug ropes, and she has fun entertaining herself by running around carrying a toy in her mouth. She also enjoys Kongs filled with peanut butter!

Patch requires lots of exercise, and would make a great running partner! She walks well on leash, provided she is wearing the right equipment. Patch's foster mom has figured out the best combination for making walks enjoyable.

Patch gets along well with other dogs; however, her over-exuberance and wanting to immediately play can make some dogs unhappy with her until she calms down and they get to know her.

While Patch can do well with children, we recommend that she be placed in a home with older children only because she gets very excited around people and may unintentionally knock over a small child in her eagerness to meet them.
Patch does have a high prey drive, so she cannot be in a home with cats or other small family pets.

Patch is currently recovering from heartworm treatment, and her adoption will be done as a foster-to-adopt until she tests negative.

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