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Roscoe 4

Roscoe is a very affectionate boy who can't get enough attention. He just loves to be around people! If he sees an available lap, he will not hesitate to try to sit on it.

Roscoe is also fun-loving, and his favorite activities include playing fetch with balls or frisbees and getting his zoomies out in his foster family's yard. He enjoys playing with his foster family's children, too!

Roscoe has done well on leashed pack walks. He is currently working on meeting other dogs like a gentleman; he tends to go overboard when sniffing new friends, which is not always well received. If there are currently four-legged members in your family, introductions may be scheduled.

While Roscoe is not a big fan of being crated, he is learning that it's part of his new routine, and he is showing improvement daily.

Stay tuned for updates as we get to know this charming hunk better! Or, if he's already captured your heart, submit an application today to become his furever family!

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