Brianna (aka Reesie)'s Sponsorship Page
Brianna (aka Reesie)

Brianna is the total package  and a Bully P aws favorite --  we just can’t  understand why she was returned to us!

Brianna is a very sweet dog  and enjoys the company of people of all ages. She loves people so much that she follows her foster family ar ound the house just to be with them! Her ideal home would be with someone who is able to spend lots of time with her, such as someone who works from home or a family with a staggered schedule, so that she can be with her pack as much as possible . (S he gets lonely when her people aren't with her !)

Brianna has energy for walks and spunk for playtime, but she is also a snuggle bug who is content to relax on the couch. Brianna is not a barker, but she talks to her people with a “woo-woo” noise that is sure to melt you r heart!

If you think you might be the right person to give this sweet girl her forever home, please check out our adoption process  and consider making her a part of your pack!

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